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Here is a listing of our 2016 ram lambs for sale.  The first group is from breeding that focuses on muscle mass.  If you are looking for a sire for fair market lambs, one of these would be an excellent choice.  The second group is more focused on growth.  These rams may be faster growing and more suited to the commercial flock.  

Please contact us for more information on any of these animals.

Click on the lamb's number for pictures where available.  We have not finished photographing all of them at this point.  Information on sires can be found on the 2016 Sires page.  Information on dams is located on the 2016 Dams page. 

Lamb Date of Birth Sire Dam Birth ADG 19-Sep Loineye Scanned National Sheep Improvement (NSIP) data Price
Birth Type     Weight Birth Weight Actual Loineye adj. BWT WWT PWWT PFAT PEMD CARCASS+  
        to 6JUN   in2 to 135 lbs.              
Muscle Rams                              

All of our muscle ram lambs have been sold at this point.  If you need a ram that offers muscle mass we would be willing to sell


Kimm 12077.  He is listed on the 2016 Sires page.  Price to be established.

Growth rams                              
6342 30-Jan TR 5335 1031 13 0.94 182 2.46 2.48 0.87 5.1 8.4 -3.1 -0.9 143.9 500
6383 14-Mar TR 5352 3005 10.5 0.79 157 N/A N/A 0.67 5.1 7.5 -2.4 0.4 152.4 700
6385 15-Mar TR 5352 4162 13 0.69 156 N/A N/A 0.77 4.2 6.1 -2.9 0.1 144.4 700


The following yearling ram is also for sale.

Ram Birth Sire Dam Birth Birth Weight LEA adj. Loin Fat Ave Pwwt Pemd Carcass+ Price
Number Date     Type Weight 6/1/15 to 135 lbs Depth Depth Daily Gain kg mm index  
5335 1/30/15 4206 4162 S 16 168 2.89 1.25 .17 1.4 10.1 -0.5 159.7 700


We are also offering MGR 4111 for sale.  He is a two-year-old that we have used for the past two lambings.  We have a lot of NSIP data on him and he has done an excellent job in our flock. We will be keeping two of his sons for next season's breeding   His information (including pedigree and pictures) is on the 2016 Sires page.  We are asking $1,000 for him.  His Carcase+ numbers as of June 15, 2016 are BWT .76; WWT 4.8; PWWT 4.9; PFat -2.2; PEMD 1.4, Carcase+ 152.8.  He is currently being used by another breeder but will be available for sale later this year.


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